BFMO Historical Background

Bus Management Office of Kinmen was created on May 1, 1963 and changed to currently "Bus and Ferry Management Office" (BFMO) when taken over by Government of Kinmen in 1992 to provide further the ferry service following the termination of designating Kinmen as a war area. Accordingly, Wu Jiang Ferry Co., Ltd. was duly incorporated to provide regional transit services.

Based on the Mass Transit Development Promotion Options published by Executive Yuan in its official act of Tai/84/Jiao/Tze No. 31146 dated August 23, 1995, the Central Government prepares its annual budget to include subsides to improve local mass transit system. As a beneficiary of the Options, BFMO purchased new buses and ferry boats and build up ferry facilities to effectively upgrade services for the general public.

In its efforts to reform the ticket certificate charging system, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) designated BFMO as the demonstrate unit of mass transit system to introduce computer system in replacing the existing manual process of ticket certification for upgrading bus operation efficiency to become the modal of following through the mass transit development policy for the remote area with the ultimate object of fully computerization for the operation and management of mass transit system.

BFMO Organizational Flow Chart

organization chart